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Purchase business class flights to Beijing from Budget Business Class and discover why it’s one of the most highly populated cities in the entire world. It’s China’s center for education, culture and much more.

Visit The Great Wall of China. And this wall should be called something even better then great. The Great Wall at Mutianyu isn’t as crowded as many other sections of the wall, so you’ll be able to climb to your heart’s content and see the surrounding areas. The steps will keep you moving, but if you’re unable to climb, there are accommodations to assist you. For instance, you can go on the cable car that goes up or the toboggan that goes down. No matter how you travel the wall, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself.

Summer Palace, known by its Chinese name Yiheyuan, is a huge – and we mean huge – tourist attraction in Beijing. You may want to dedicate an entire afternoon to the palace because it’s just so amazing. When you’re done touring the spectacular interior, come out to the garden located near the lake. Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the garden or just merely relax. The surroundings are peaceful and serene.

The National Center for Performing Arts is another place to visit after you take your flight using your cheap business class airfares to Beijing. Looking at the exterior of the building might just be enough to make your entire trip to the center; however, there’s much more to see on the interior such as modern-looking art. They have symphony and ballet performances to purchase tickets for as well.

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Beijing is an amazing place to visit with plenty to see. Its home to much more than what’s listed above.

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