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When you purchase business class flights to Shanghai through Budget Business Class, you’re going to get a flight to the largest in the entire country of China.

The Bund, more commonly known in China as Wai Tan, is one of the most visited destinations in Shanghai. Although “The Bund” is the entire center that runs along Zhongshan Road, tourists use this name to refer to the building and piers that are along the water. It’s truly a beautiful and peaceful area to see and walk through.

Shanghai offers great shopping. There are even Shopping Tours. This shopping adventure is even for those who aren’t true “shoppers.” You won’t need to shop around to find the best deals in this city because the touring company already did it for you. You get the advantage of having a personal driver. You’ll see a variety of places, such as food shops and artisan stores. You can even request certain types of shops, and the driver will take you there.

Peace Hotel is one of the best, if not the best, locations for the ultimate nightlife experience, especially after you used your budget first class tickets to Shanghai to get to the city. Peace Hotel is an amazing site to see on the outside but even better on the inside. It’s very nostalgic at the bar, and the jazz music is just as fantastic.

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has something for every one of all ages. You’ll walk through an area where there are fish swimming right above your head. There are multiple levels of the aquarium, so there’s plenty to see. Not only will you see a lot, but you’ll also learn a lot there.

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There’s so much to do and see in Shanghai, so why not book budget fares to Shanghai now through Budget Business Class?

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