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Bangalore has one of the highest elevations of all the cities in India. Qith great weather and so much more. It has an amusement park and amazing food, which makes your budget first class tickets to Bangalore from Budget Business Class even better.

WonderLa Amusement Park could easily just be called Wonderful Amusement Park. It has many thrilling rides like the Flash Tour and the Equinox. The Equinox spins takes riders high in the sky while it swings back and forth. For those who would rather cool off, there are plenty of water rides like the Jungle Lagoon and the Harakiri.

The Bluefoot Culture Tour is a unique look at Bangalore, which is an ideal part of a trip that all began with booking business class flights to Bangalore. It doesn’t take visitors to the usual sites. The flower market is loaded with fragrant flowers for you to purchase.

Dirt Mania Outdoor Adventures is for those who aren’t scared to get a bit dirty. The team of professionals will get everyone suited up appropriately and will work with riders to prepare them for the road ahead. They offer riders the options of ATVs or dirt bikes. The trail will take you on top of a mountain with a spectacular view, especially at dusk. And there are shorter and longer trails.

Go to Maharaja of Mysore when you arrive at your destination after you book budget fares to Bangalore. They take you river rafting on the Kabini River. While you travel down the river, you’ll see a great deal of flora with a possible elephant siting. It has something for every level of rafter. It’s a major hunting spot as well.

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