Traveling On A Budget: 4 Places That Won’t Cost A Pretty Penny

The smell of the new city as you trod down the cobbled streets is intoxicating. The warm buzz that runs through your body as you jet off to a new place is exhilarating.

As someone with wanderlust, exploring new places is always a fulfilling experience. But that doesn’t mean you’ve to sacrifice all your hard-earned cash to achieve that!

Looking to feed your wanderlust on a budget? Here are the 4 places that you can visit.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s one of the cheapest European cities that you visit while on a tight-budget. With its splendid architectural style and cobble stone streets, Prague doesn’t discriminate those on a budget. This means, you get to revel in the beauty of this rare gem without missing out on anything. From Old Town Hall to Letna Park, Prague houses many cheap and sometimes even free tourist sites.

Traveling on a budget? Make sure you visit this splendid European city! 

2. Greece

Who says you can’t cross Greece off your bucket list while on a budget?

Vacationing in Greece doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. You can just as easily get the true experience without splurging away all your savings. But to do that, plan smart!

Sign up for free tour in Athens to revel in history. Book in advance if you’re planning on any island-hopping. Visit the magical islands of Milos and Cofus by staying away from the bustling crowds. In shirt, Greece’s still within your reach even if on a budget.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s not often the name that comes up, when people think of vacationing in Europe. But if you’re looking for a hidden gem, then Bulgaria’s the best spot for you!

From rustic old towns to the mystical coastline, Bulgaria has a lot to offer to a budget-traveler. If you’re a history-buff, visiting museums will rarely cost you more than USD $3. Even Bulgarian festivals are free, if you’re looking to seep yourself in authentic Bulgarian culture.

4. Bangladesh

Looking for a truly unique Asian country to visit on a budget? Then Bangladesh’s the top place to check off your bucket-list.

Affordable with a twist of unconventional, Bangladesh’s the best spot for budget-travelers. This country’s not only home to world’s biggest mangrove plantation but also boasts the longest unbroken sandy beach.

Watch the history come to life by visiting the historic temples in the Puthia region. If food’s more your thing, lose yourself in the spices of the Bangladeshi cuisine!

Rich history and aroma of spices; be prepared to lose yourself in this budget-friendly destination!

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