Why Choose Business Class To Travel To Sydney?


Book cheap business class tickets to Sydney with Budget Business Class. We are an online air ticket wholesaler and we provide discounts and on flight tickets for business and first class air tickets. Budget Business Class negotiates and parlays with airlines that fly directly to Sydney to find the cheapest tickets for our customers.

Contrary to popular belief, business class tickets—when availed at the right time and at the right place—can cost little more than an average unrestricted economy class ticket. So why not choose to travel with luxurious comfort and in style?

Some of the most popular airlines that fly directly to Sydney include Virgin Australia, Alta Air Lines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada and American Airlines, to name a few. Each of these airlines provides a direct flight to the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport as well as connecting flights from USA, Canada, Singapore, China and other major airports in the world.

Arriving At The Sydney

International Airport

Getting a flight directly to the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is one of the cheapest ways to travel. Being one of Australia’s primary international gateways, the airport serves a large number of international as well as domestic flights.

Since Sydney is the hub for many international airlines, air ticket wholesalers are able to secure incentives from airlines flying to the location to sell off their unused ticket inventories. Air ticket wholesalers like Budget Business Class then offer business class air tickets to customers at discounted rates.


Traveling Domestically From The Sydney International Airport

For those seeking to travel domestically from Sydney, several domestic flights fly out to various locations across Australia via Qantas. Qantas is uses the Boeing 747 for domestic flights and travelers have the option to choose their business and first class flights for traveling.

Transitioning from an international to domestic flight requires travelers to go from the International Flight Terminal to the Domestic Flight Terminal. Travelers are also required to go through a security check as well as customs so it’s best to allow yourself a cushion of at least two hours for connecting flight.

The Sydney International Airport is located 12 kilometers from the city center and the best way to travel to the city center is through the Airport Link Train Service. The ride to the city center takes nearly 15 minutes and is the most efficient way to travel from the airport to your destination inside Sydney.