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Singapore is known as “The Lion,” and it’s no wonder why. This is because it’s business during the day yet party all night. There’s a great deal to do and see there, but you’ll delay your visit even further if you don’t purchase cheap first class flights to Singapore through Budget Business Class today.

Business & first class flights to Singapore will take you to a small island country filled people, culture and much more. Gardens by the Bay in Singapore are unlike anything you’ve seen. The building is right on the water, and the architectural structure is unique. Inside the facility is plenty of flora to see including orchids and bromeliads. You can tell the foliage there is well cared for. The entire building is air conditioning, so you don’t have to brave the heat to enjoy. And if you show your tickets from the gardens at the restaurant located beside them, you can get a discount on your meal.

Discount business class flights to Singapore take you to location of the Singapore Zoo. There, you can enjoy breakfast with a group of orangutans. You’ll have the opportunity to have a buffet-style meal with foods from various areas. You can a half-day tour there and even enjoy breakfast. The landscape is well maintained, and so are the animals. Take a tram through the zoo after your meal. You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide. There are approximately 3,600 animals in the animal park. There are 64 acres to explore. There are over 300 species of birds, reptiles and mammals there.

East Coast Park is an exquisite beach. There are restaurants and cafes around the beach that have excellent food. You can find bars on the beach as well as barbecue pits. Take a stroll down the beach and enjoy sand in between your toes, or you can cycle across the beach while you watch the waves come in. There are play areas for people with kids, so it’s ideal for a family day out.

Discount business class flights to Singapore through Budget Business Class can get you to a location with fabulous outdoor attractions as well as various indoor sites not mentioned above.

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