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Seoul is part of South Korea. In fact, it’s an important cultural and business center of the country. You’ll be presented with towering skyscrapers and Buddhist temples. You’ll be thankful you scheduled your choice between business & first class flights to Seoul through Budget Business Class. You won’t sacrifice an amazing flight for price when you book with us.

To get an amazing view of the city, go up to the top of the North Seoul Tower. The pictures from the top truly are worth a thousand words or maybe even more. The awesome part about this tower is that it’s on top of a peak. Not to mention, it’s part of Namsam Park, which is absolutely beautiful. Although you’ll be happy for your cheap first class flights to Seoul, you’ll realize this alone is worth way more than the tickets.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is quite spectacular to see, and your discount first class flights to Seoul can take you there. It sits on top of the water. It’s best to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace in the morning to avoid the crowds. The palace is quite large. The structures are impressive. It’s in a barren area, but there’s so much to see. The view from across the water at the Gyeonghoeru is something you’ll never want to forget, so take pictures. You can see it clearly from the Hyang-wonjong Pavillion. While you’re at the palace, you may want to head over to the National Folklore Museum. Within the museum are three main halls. You have the opportunity to witness artifacts from prehistoric times from Korea. Some artifacts from the Joseon Dynasty are part of the more than 98,000 pieces.

What trip to another country is complete without a taste of the local cuisine? You can savor it all with  O’ngo Food Communications tour. You receive a take-home bag of kimchi; however, you’ll sample a variety of dishes. Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian because they’ll cater to your preference. You may get to play a drinking game while you’re heading around the city to sample food and beverages.

Discounted first & business flights to Seoul from Budget Business Class take you to a cultural region full of life and history.

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