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Budget Business Class has a variety of cheap first class flights to Austria that will allow you to explore this fine country. You’ll discover on your own that the country is more than just cliche lederhosen and skiing.

Business & first class flights to Austria will take you the home of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The entire building is a piece of art itself. The Grand Staircase is amazing to walk up and down. You’ll truly feel like royalty on it. Located on the Grand Staircase is Cannova’s Theseus Slaying the Centaur. The museum features a lot of what the Hapsburgs collected throughout the years. This huge collection of art includes Renaissance art, which is located on the second floor. Some artists’ works you’ll see there are as follows: Van Meer, Velazquez and Titian.

Discount business class flights to Austria take you to a country with an amazing zoo called Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Zoo Vienna. It’s an ecofriendly place that’s kind to its animals. You can grab a bite to eat there at one of the cafeterias. In addition to all the exhibits, they have regularly scheduled shows to educate you on the animals, and they even to allow you to watch them feed the animals. Some of the animals there include penguins, sea lions, pandas, tigers, anteaters and pirhannas. You’ll get to see a huge coral reef as well. There’s even a playground area for the children.

When traveling to Austria, you’ll want to compare discounted first & business flights to Austria because the more money you save, the more you’ll have to spend on attractions like the State Opera House. This is an amazing sight to see on the outside and even more spectacular on the inside. Watching an opera or ballet there is a very unique experience, especially considering this is one of the best opera houses in the entire world. People like Strauss and Mozart performed in this very building.

Discount business class flights to Austria give tourists a delightful mix of culture and quality entertainment. The art, including both painting and performing arts, is absolutely brilliant.

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