Save on Business Class Flights to Amsterdam

Business & First Airfares Starting at $2,890

Budget Business Class offers business & first class flights to Amsterdam. These flights take you to the capital city of The Netherlands. Two must see attractions in this city made the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Vincent Van Gogh is a legendary artist of his time, and his work still continues to wow tourists all these years later. And when you book cheap first class flights to Amsterdam, you can discover up close why Van Gogh is considered such as talent. At this museum, you can take your time and truly soak in the art and atmosphere since this museum is designed to accommodate large crowds. Truly, when you’re there, you’ll feel like the art is popping out at you with his use of colors. This particular museum features 200 paints and 500 drawings of Van Gogh’s. Not to mention, it has paintings from other artists such as Monet and Gauguin. Be sure to book tickets in advance to avoid a long wait time at the door.

Discount first class flights to Amsterdam are an inexpensive way to get to see a chilling exhibit. Literally, this place will give you chills when you walk in. It’s the coolest bar in the country in more ways than one. You get three complementary cocktail and an experience of a lifetime. There’s an entire room in the bar crafted out of ice as a result of the owner’s freezing journey back in the 1500s.

Concertgebouw has been standing since 1881. The inside of it is just phenomenal. If you’re not into any of the shows, you may want to just opt to take the tour. The tour will educate you in the history of the building, renovations throughout the years and how the acoustics work. You’ll even learn about the Maarschalkerweerd organ and the winch on the roof. There are approximately 900 shows there each season, so before sure to check out what’s available and purchase tickets in advance.

When you buy discounted first & business class flights to Amsterdam through Budget Business Class, you get your pass to a land of excitement and wonder.

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