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Rome, Italy’s capital, is the city of romance and history spanning an awe-inspiring 3000 years. Home to the finest gelatos, haunting ruins and iconic Christian landmarks, Rome is aptly named the Eternal City.

Start your trip with a visit to the Colosseum, the most famous structure of Rome. The classical ruin is half circus and half sports arena with underground passageways used by gladiators and animals in the past. The amphitheater dating back to AD 72 is a monument of epic proportions and is the world’s largest and oldest setting for mass slaughter.

The best-preserved ancient building of Rome is the Pantheon. With a simple exterior and a gloriously dimensioned interior the building serves as a temple to 12 most important roman classical deities. At the exact center of the structure is the oculus—a circular hole on the roof with a diameter of 30 feet. You can go inside and marvel at this historical link between the heaven and the earth.

Make a wish by tossing a coin into the mythical wish granting waters of the Trevi Fountain. Bursting out of the walls of Palazzo Poli, the gleaming statue is an extravaganza of craved sculptures of sea horses, tritons blowing on conches and flimsy trees. The powerful torrents of water sparkle in the sunlight and the flash of tourists that flock to this spot every day.

Within Rome is the Vatican City, the residing place of the most powerful Christian, the Pope. Visit the St. Peter’s Square to catch a glimpse of him as he addresses the crowds on fine days or wander through the St. Peter’s Basilica. Marvel at the gleaming frescos of Michelangelo within the famed Sistine Chapel or gaze at the famous historic sculptures in the Vatican Museum.

Climb the Spanish Steps with delightful boat-shaped fountain, the Barcaccia, at the foot gleaming in the early morning sun. Stroll through the Pincio, one of the oldest gardens in Rome at Villa Borghese and take in the marvelous views of the gold silhouetted dome of St. Peter’s and the Vatican at sunset.

Italian cuisine has been labeled one of the best in the world. Get the taste of real Italian food in Trastevere neighborhood, one of the most interesting and diverse places to eat. Among the charming ivy-choked walls, you will find popular local eateries with indulgent gelatos, delicate pasta dishes and markets filled with Italian ingredients and wine.

A combination of superlative food, rich cultural heritage and romantic piazzas makes Rome a city you’ll never forget.

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