Business Class Flights to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major tourist destination due to its multicultural landscape. The influences of Cantonese Chinese and British colonization have made this city a unique destination.

The central island is a popular hub of economic prosperity, entertainment and shopping. The electrical energy of the city is similar to New York and feels as if the city never sleeps.

Underneath the commercial façade of Hong Kong lies a dynamic culture with Cantonese roots as well as colonial connections. The numerous museums with interactive experiences, Chinese operas in Bamboo theatres and contemporary galleries can help you immerse yourself in the rich cultural landscape of the city.

Explore the Honk Kong markets which are a shopaholic’s heaven. There are a number of famous markets such as Causeway Bay, Temple Street Night Market and Soho. These shopping neighborhoodsare filled with high-end products as well as amazing bargain products from China.

There are plenty of glitzy malls filled with major top brands of the world. You can also discover chic side-street boutiques and Vintage dens where you can find anything from gadgets to fashion gems.

Hong Kong boasts some of the best kitchens of the world. The sheer cultural diversity of the city means a food scene like no other. With over 10,000 restaurants many companies offer food tours that help the tourists get the full taste of the diverse range of gastronomical delights.

One of the best places to have a memorable night out is at the observation deck of Sky100. The indoor observation deck provides stunning 360°views of the city and harbor. Cafe100 provides refreshing snacks and is operated by The Ritz-Carlton so the food is sublime.

For family visits, Disneyland Hong Kong is a top attraction. Catch a parade or enjoy the thrill of the many rides within the park.

The surrounding 200 plus islands and territories are a tropical paradise. With gorgeous beaches and exotic bird sanctuaries, there is a lot to do for the nature lovers. Almost 70% of Hong Kong is covered in greenery and mountains which makes it ideal for hiking and trekking through the nature.

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