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Berlin is a city that truly never sleeps, filled with people who love nothing more than having a good time. The German city has been the site of one of the most famous revolutions in the world. Now it has become a symbol pf tolerance and prosperity with a rich history reflecting in its remarkable architecture and vibrant culture.

Explore and immerse yourself in the fragile history of Berlin by taking a walk on the Berlin wall decorated with 101 paintings by international artists. Visit the Berlin palace and the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most-photographed sites of Germany. The city’s most famous square was built for its king in 1788 and the monument represents Germany’s unity.

See the famous glass dome of Reichstag, the seat of German Parliament. Lined with light-catching mirrors and glass, the dome provides sweeping views across the city. Explore the roof terrace and witness the preserved war damage of Russian graffiti and bullet holes.

You can also go museum hopping at the UNESCO heritage Museum Island. Comprising five museums clustered on a tiny island atop River Spree, it holds within it the history of the Holocaust and the turbulent cold wars faced by the German country. The baroque-styled architecture is home to a treasure trove of artefacts from Egypt to Russia.

One of the most haunting places to visit in Berlin is the Holocaust Memorial for the murdered Jews. A striking sculptural statement designed to make the visitors feel a sense of other-worldly confinement and melancholy. Once inside, it engages the visitor completely to make them feel cut-off from the world. It is a poignant experience to connect people to the numerous Jews that lost their lives to the Nazis.

Berlin also has one of the most famous checkpoints of the world. Checkpoint Charlie was once the entry point from the infamous Iron Curtain to East Berlin. Today it holds the Mauer Museum with exhibitions and intriguing relics that tell tales of the escape attempts and the events that took place at this flashpoint between the east and West.

The heart of Berlin’s shopping scene is the legendary department store, KaDeWe. The centuries old building is in contrast with the impressive range of high-end designer labels within its walls. It also includes a luxury food hall with a dazzling variety of delicatessens and patisseries as well as a cavernous glass-roofed restaurant providing gorgeous views of surrounding plaza.

Berlin’s party scene caters to every taste and age, from saucy cabarets to industrial techno temples, from fancy cocktail taverns to tiny basement clubs.  From fabulous food to cutting-edge creativity, Berlin is a giant lab of artistic experimentation and ingenuity!

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