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Bern may be the official capital of Switzerland, but when it comes to the country’s cultural capital, Basel is the city for you!

With over 40 museums, the city takes pride in preserving its historic roots. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from, such as the famous Naturhistorisches Museum and Kunstmuseum Basel, to the more quirky Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel which is actually a toy museum. Art lovers will have a delightful time exploring their interests too, be it at the Tinguely Museum, Vitra Design Museum, or perhaps at Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

Whether you’re in the mood for a fun history lesson, want to admire the artwork at display, or wish to check out the huge collection of dolls and teddy bears, Basel has got it all!

Museums aren’t the only way Basel has preserved its historical roots. A walk down the city’s historic center will reveal to you a sight of some unique architecture. Buildings dating as far back as to the medieval times can be found here, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to another year altogether.

In amidst relishing the architectural grandeur, don’t forget to visit Münster Cathedral, the red-painted Rathaus (Basel Town Hall), as well as the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois. The latter is also one of the oldest hotels in Europe, and all three are amongst Basel’s most notable landmarks.

Basel is also famous for its art. In fact, back in 1967, Pablo Picasso donated three of his paintings to the city due to the citizens’ passion and love for art. After you’ve explored the numerous art museums to your heart’s content, don’t forget to check out the street art that’s up for display at every nook and corner of the city!

Basel is also the meeting point of Switzerland, Germany, and France. You don’t want to miss out on the visit to the Three Countries Corner (Dreiländereck) on your trip!  This is a unique experience where you’ll be technically visiting three countries in one day!

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