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One of the largest cities by the Caspian Sea, Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. The city has been dubbed a ‘mini Dubai’ due to its contemporary architecture. Within the last decade, the city’s old-style, Soviet apartment blocks have been almost completely replaced by countless towers and beautiful mansions.

A vacation in Baku means visiting jaw-dropping monuments such as the iconic Flame Towers. Inspired by Azerbaijan’s nickname, “The Land of The Flames,” the three flame-shaped towers rise majestically above the city’s landscape.

Another must-see in Baku is the boldly constructed Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre. The flowing rooftops of white-tile waves are truly an eye-catching sight. Designed by the British-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, it is a stunning exemplar of modern Azerbaijan.

With an extremely interesting history, Baku is home to cultural diversity unlike any other city. You will witness an amazing mix of people from all over the world, making you feel right at home.

People in Baku speak a number of languages, including English, so communication for tourists is not a problem.

A vacation in Baku cannot be complete without a walk on the boardwalk along the Caspian Sea. The place looks like a cross between Paris and Rome. With high-end brands from Gucci to Tiffany, it’s also a shopper’s paradise.

The food in Azerbaijan has been influenced by cuisines from Georgia and Iran. It ranges from exquisite caviar produced locally to gloriously comforting national dishes such as Govurma (Lamb stew with onions and pomegranate) and Levenghi (Walnut stuffed chicken or fish). You can visit the restaurants and cafes near Fountain Square and Old Town for a range of options.

For the nature lover, the country boasts 9 out of 11 climate zones. There are deserts to trek through, mud volcanoes to explore, and beaches to dive into! The moderate climate makes Baku a good place to visit any time of the year.

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