Summertime Happiness: Top Destinations To Visit During Summer

Imagine the salty air caressing your face as you sip on a mojito. Imagine letting history envelope you as you stroll through the streets of Florence. Are you craving a summer break yet?

The monotony of daily life can get draining very fast. If you’re looking to play hard this summer, keep reading to find out about the top 3 hottest summer destinations for 2019.

1. Get Drunk On The Charm Of Italy

Looking for a fairytale twist to your summer break? Then fly out to Italy!

The perfect summer destination for travelers, Italy’s going to leave you dazed. From the Greek temples of Sicily to the turquoise waters of Lecce coast, Italy’s a country full of charm. This beautiful country has something for everyone.

Want to watch the summer sun touch the skies? Stroll through the romantic city of Florence. Looking for an Instagram-worthy summer holiday picture? Go crazy in the hottest city there—Rome.

A summer spent vacationing in Italy’s bound to keep you coming back for more!

2. Jet Off To An Instagrammable Vacation In Croatia

Looking for an Instagrammable summer destination?

Looking to watch the Rovinj sun kiss the sea as you sip on a mojito? Then a summer vacation in Croatia’s got you covered!

A hidden jewel, Croatia’s a summer paradise for tourists with its idyllic islands, pleasant climate, and Mediterranean cuisine.

If you’re craving some thrill, go cliff-jumping in Southern Istra.  If sampling locally-crafted beer’s more your thing, visit The Garden Brewery. You’ll find yourself wonderfully buzzed on Croatian charm throughout.

3. Get Lost In The Plethora of Ancient Mythology in Greece

Do you want to surround yourself with philosophy, history, mythology, and art?

Then a summer break in Greece offers just that! A country made of a mosaic of diverse cultures and experiences, Greece will leave you craving for more.

Want to marvel at the beauty of Doric columns while touring the Acropolis? Want to see the Greek mythology come to life as you climb the Mount Olympus? Here in Greece, you get to experience decades of culturally-rich history.

If Greek mythology isn’t your cup of tea, head down to the Balos Beach. The crystal clear azure waters will leave you gasping. A peaceful yet vibrant country, Greece is bound to charm its way into your heart.

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