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Beautiful, spectacular, breathtaking, amazing: the list of adjectives to describe Venice could extend a great deal. When you book budget fares to Venice, you get more than just a flight to a vacation destination; you get a flight to a whole new world to explore.

Grand Canal is one of the most notable places in Venice, and there are many reasons why. Just looking at the canal and snapping a few pictures makes the trip there worth it. You should take a gondola ride down the canal to make your experience visiting the Grand Canal even more memorable. The bridges and palaces you’ll see when traveling down the canal are amazing sites to see.

Doge’s Palace is one museum that you won’t want to miss. You’ll go on a tour of dungeons and ballrooms. The artwork and sculptures will have you in a state of awe. Don’t forget to get a translator microphone, so you can learn and look rather just see; it allows you to get the full experience at Doge’s Palace.

Make sure you go on the Discovering Venice walking tour when in Venice. The tour guides on this tour are insightful and very enthusiastic. You’ll get to see hidden areas of the city.

The Venice Jazz Club is where tourists love to come at the end of a long day of touring and entertainment. The atmosphere is very relaxed; the music is good, and the staff is pleasant. The performances are lively and high quality. When combined together, it makes for an ideal spot to enjoy a few drinks and even grab a bite to eat.

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There’s so much to do in Venice that you better start planning as soon as you purchase your budget first class tickets to Venice through Budget Business Class. You’ll certainly want to do and see as much as possible there.

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