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In Milan visit the Duomo. The Gothic architecture is outstanding. You’ll even be able to go up on the rooftop to see the entire city from a bird’s eye view.

Seeing L’Ultima Cena must be included on your lists of sites to see. This is DaVinci’s Last Summer painting, and it’s even more spectacular when you see it face-to-face. It’s located in the Santa Maria delle Grazie. Although some it was rebuilt throughout the years, much of it is still the design of Guiniforte Solari, who was the main architect on the project, way back in 1469 when it was completed.

For those who love the nightlife Milan is thrilling. Bar Bamm is the ideal spot to hang out at. The food is tasty, and the owners are more than hospitable. And you’ll get to socialize with a combination of both locals and tourists. There are laser lights, and the music matches the atmosphere of the club well.

For those with a love for fashion, Milan truly is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Any fashionista has to visit the Armani Megastore. In addition to all the clothing, shoes and accessories, they have a cafe.

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