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When in Madrid make sure you take a trip to the Museo Nacional del Prado. It houses sculptures and paintings from traditional Spanish artists to more contemporary artists. You’ll be able to see works from famous artists like Pablo Picasso. The museum features over 4,800 paintings. It has the largest collection of Spanish paintings than anywhere else in the world. Some other artists with work there include Zurbaran, Fortuny and El Greco.

Retiro Park is another destination in Madrid that you should visit. The park is gorgeous and well maintained. Even though it doesn’t have traditional bike paths, it’s a popular place for cyclists. A majority of the park is lush grass and hardy trees. It’s an ideal place to take a rest after a long day of touring the city. You can even stop at one of the cafes and grab yourself a picnic lunch. There’s a lake in the park ideal for boating and to watch the wildlife.

Mercado San Miguel has amazing food and drinks like pez (fish) and Sangria. There are so many choices there that the most difficult part might be selecting what you want. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to sample! The food is unique to the land and made with fresh ingredients. People rave about this place, so it might just be worth the budget first class tickets to Madrid just to visit this location.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is a beautiful location to tour. They allow you to take a self-guided tour; therefore, you can take your time and see everything in the palace at your leisure. You can visit the souvenir and coffee shops located outside of the premises.

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