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The Belur Math Shrine might not allow pictures, but the memory will be embedded in your head for a lifetime. It doesn’t just look amazing on the exterior either; inside it’s rich in architecture and history, as well. It’s located beside the Hooghly River and is packed with information about Swami Vivekananda. It also features information about Shri Shri Ramakrishnadev.

Kolkata offers the ability to walk through the pyramid tomb, sarcophagi, obelisks and pedestal tombs are abundant in this particular cemetery. It’s even the burial site of many famous people like Sir William Jones.

Kolkata is an art lovers dream. Outside is absolutely magnificent while inside is loaded with marble statues. You’ll even get to take a look at a collection of antique furniture. The paintings in the facility and fountains add even more appeal to anyone who enjoys art.

At Tollygunge Club, you can enjoy a few rounds of golf on a very well-manicured course. It’s located in a peaceful area and just gives you an overall peaceful experience during a golf outing. When you’re not yelling, “Four!” you can partake in a good meal. You can opt to take a dip in the pool. Park Street is where it all happens in Kolkata from pubs to discos to restaurants, it has it all.

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