Last Minute First Class Flights

Flying first class is fast becoming an impossibility for the average traveler without spending thousands of dollars on airfare. With airlines rapidly modifying their first class cabins to be more luxurious, more exclusive, and more elaborate, first class flight ticket rates are constantly on the rise.   Airlines like Lufthansa and Singapore Airline are offering first-class airline tickets from $12,000 to $43,535, complete with standalone seats, on-ground personal assistants, a Markus Del Monego-selected wine list and more.   Basking in the heart of luxury while traveling across the world is a dream come true for many, but it doesn’t have to stay a dream for long! With the help of Budget Business Class, you get access to the best last minute deals without the labyrinthine mess of figuring out travel points, loyalty clubs, email alert systems, and mileage upgrades. We offer our customers access to the finest and most lucrative first class deals airlines offer.   Even a single empty seat results in thousands of dollars worth of loss of revenue, and most airlines, ticket consolidators, and travel companies would rather sell these seats at a loss than lose out on that revenue altogether!

Get Cheap Last Minute First Class Flight Tickets

We partner up with some of the most popular airlines in the world to offer you unadvertised fares on last minute bookings for first class travel, helping you save up to 70% on flight tickets in the process!   While booking well in advance is always the safest option, unscheduled business meetings, and spontaneous trips can come up at any time! And having to pay exorbitant prices for a last minute trip is something very few people want to encounter.   While it is true that tickets are usually cheapest when bookings first begin and progressively get more expensive the fewer seats that remain, the closer the date of departure gets, the more anxious airlines and agents get about selling the last few remaining seats. This is often the perfect time to snatch up some truly spectacular deals!

Why Budget Business Class

Budget Business Class runs searches on hundreds of routes and multiple flight timings to offer you the best deals available. From first class to business class flights at highly affordable rates, our daily deals have them all! Whether you’re flying to Bali or Paris, London or China, we’ll make sure you get there in the highest comfort and the lap of luxury—without ever compromising on affordability!