Business Class Flights to Tokyo

The enchanting city of Tokyo is Japan’s capital and one of the most famous metropolis of the world. A world within itself, the city has been named as the most satisfying traveling experience in the world!

Tokyo is an amazing blend of the old and the new. Some neighborhoods provide a futuristic look like no other with sleek, tall structures and modern architectural masterpieces. Contrastingly, there are some areas which comprise of wooden building with low-slung roofs and warm lanterns glowing, providing a look into the past.

Visit the Tokyo Skytree, the Guinness-certified world’s tallest tower at 634 meters. Go to the observation deck on top which provides phenomenal views almost all the way to Guangzhou city.

Tokyo is connected with a network of railways unlike no other in the world. Every part of the city is accessible by sophisticated trains that seem to be designed to win awards. You can travel to any location within the city using the 13 subway lines and over 100 surface routes. Trains run frequently and are always on time filled with friendly locals always eager to guide you.

The people of Tokyo love dining out. This along with a rich culinary heritage has created a food scene within the city that is unlike any other. Home to some of the top restaurants of the world and celebrity chefs, the sheer variety of food tastes has made it the gastronomical capital of the world.

Go out for a high-end dining experience at top class sushi restaurants such as Kanda in Minato-ku. Or you can try delicious Japanese ramen at charming noodle joints such as the Michelin starred Nakiryu.

Tokyo is the center of Japanese arts and culture. Immerse yourself in the culture by enjoying the centuries old performing arts and sumo tournaments. Experience the age old tradition of roaming around the beautiful cherry blossom trees on display every spring.

Japanese people are at the forefront of technology with their love of modern appliances and latest electronic gadgets. Akihabara is the section of Tokyo that’s known for being the center of games, gadgets and anime culture. Any shop within this part of town is like a wonderland of flashing lights and screens.

A must see is the biggest electronics store Yodobashi Akiba. It’s like a theme park with six floors of electronic goods and three more floors with restaurants, bars and music shops.

The city of Tokyo is like an organic being, alive with passion and an ever-changing experience designed to make your head spin with the possibilities.

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