Business Class Flights to Paris

The city of romance and love, France’s capital Paris, is a must see for everyone. Whether you go alone or with a loved one, the city has something for everyone. The architectural wonders of the city provide a beautiful background for the almost magical life within the city.

Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower, a stunning towering construction that pierces the clouds. Sit in the shade of this monument for a romantic picnic. Stroll along the River Seine with lamp lit bridges on a relaxing evening. Enjoy the artistic cafes with themed décor and delicate baked goods.

See the intricately detailed structure of Arc De Triomphe. It’s a beautiful gateway guarding the entrance to Champs-Élysées the most famous shopping district in the world. Home to coveted brands such as Chanel and Gucci, this is the place to go to load up on the finer things in life. The word Parisian is synonymous with style nowadays. Along with the luxury brands,there are quaint little flea markets, charming bookshops, vintage boutiques and glittering department stores, all enough to make Paris a shopping paradise.

Paris has been home to many great masters throughout history. Celebrated artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, and Rodin lived in this city. They used the breathtaking landscape of Paris as inspiration for their masterpieces. Take in a city tour and look at the places which inspired them.

Look at the world-famous artwork on display at the Louvre museum. With a majestic pyramid built at the opening with 666 sparkling glass triangles, the museum provides and interactive experience like no other. Hidden deep in the maze of corridors within the museum is Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa. Gaze upon this captivating portrait and try to figure out the secret behind her enigmatic smile.

A trip to Paris cannot be complete without feasting on the world famous French cuisine. The word cuisine in French is ‘kitchen’ and has inspired the gastronomical creations of chefs everywhere. The area around 11thArrondissement is popular for its high-end food and fine dining restaurants. The nightlife around these parts is vibrant and full of artsy locals.

With convenient options of Airbnb, public transport and Uber, visiting Paris is affordable for everyone.

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