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Once just a small Arab fishing village, Dubai has become a multicultural metropolis with dazzling sky-scrapers and sweeping sand dunes. The awe-worthy city exceeds the traveler’s expectations with its beautiful Bedouin heritage wrapped in a futuristic vision.

Dubai has embraced the superlatives of best and biggest to provide some of the most iconic landmarks of the world. The first stop of any visitor must be the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa. Inspired by a lotus flower, the building has a total height of 829 meters. You can travel to the observation deck at the top floor to get panoramic views of the city like no other.

Under the shadow of the world’s tallest building lies the Dubai Mall. With the length of 50 football fields it is a shopper’s paradise with all the top brands of the world as well as high-end local brands. Take in a mesmerizing fountain show or explore the underwater wonders of the indoor aquarium at the mall.

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Among other architectural masterpieces worth a visit are the Burj-ul-Arab, an exclusive hotel shaped like boat sail set on the sparkling beaches of the Arabian sea, and the Palm islands at Jumeirah Beach, a stretch of artificial islands in the shape of a palm tree.

The latest attraction, ‘Dubai Frame’, at Zabeel Park is essentially a footbridge made of steel and glass. Climb up 150 meters to see the contrasting worlds of the ‘Old Dubai’ and the ‘New Dubai’ from either side of the gilded framework.

Visit the old quarter of Dubai to get the taste of ‘real Arabia’. The historic Dubai British fort from 17th century and the Dubai Museum with parts of the building dating back to 1787 are some of the oldest in Dubai reflecting the early hardships faced by the Bedouins.

The old parts of Dubai include Deira and Port Rashid, home to amazing local markets such as Dubai Gold Souk with its dazzling displays of precious jewelry and Al-Karama market filled with stalls of expats from India, Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria.

Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road is arguably the nicest and most well-known road lined with top attractions. Mall of Emirates is a popular tourist spot with its indoor ski experience, Ski Dubai. The Ibn Battuta mall is also located at the south end of the road, selling everything from pungent local oudh (perfumes) to designer label clothes.

Dubai is filled with people looking for a good time which means the food scene is rich and caters to every taste. You can enjoy fine Arabic mezes in gorgeous 5-star places like At.mosphere Restaurant on top of Burj Khalifa or try out the local cafes such as Ravia with diverse foods influenced by numerous immigrants.

Take part in the Dubai weekend custom of smoking Shisha, a local pipe, and immerse yourself in a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke. Traditionally done in the middle of the desert under the stars along with a desert safari.

There are numerous other noteworthy places to visit in Dubai for instance Dubai Garden Glow, the world’s largest glow-in-the-dark theme park, Dubai Opera, shaped in the form of traditional Arabian ships, and Dubai Miracle Gardens containing the world’s largest floral displays. Experience all this and other unlimited fun-filled activities when you arrive to the most-visited city of Middle-east!

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