September 27, 2016. The other day I was giving a presentation on my manuscript novel with a group of beta readers (see what they like and don’t like about the book) and we got to talking about business class flying as my main character in the book was flying to Rome in business class and I had described that scene is some detail. One reader of the group gushed, “Oh my, I just flew for the first time in business class to London. I just wanted to try it, to splurge and see what it was like. It was fabulous. You guys should try it. Oh, and you got it just right in the book.”

Well there you are. Everybody should try business class or first class air travel, the speeded up equivalent of sailing for 5 days across the Atlantic on a luxury cruise ship back in the 1930’s. Or if you routinely travel in business class to get to important rendezvous or to journey to cities not yet sublimely sucked into your spirit, mind and body, now is a good time to travel: the scenes, colors and scents and festivals of autumn in Europe. There are less people on the move so your experience will be overall less of the herd and more of the private safari.

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